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    Motion Graphics Video: Demystified

    Currently, most of the corporates have migrated from using animation characters to motion graphics in the view of the fact that physical products do not require any more imagined characters to explain their properties and qualities.

    Also, motion graphics have become trending and people are very much attracted to it. This has made corporates to mandatorily present a few motion graphics videos to its potential customers and get them converted into leads and customers. Basically, motion graphics resulted from creating motions or movements to the graphics and designs. This kind of video shall have the graphic design animated throughout the length of the video creating a lot of pulls and interactions with the viewers then and there. The mix of sound effects and music to these movements and animations makes it more captivating. Text is one of the major components that is animated and is instrumental in narrating the idea.

    Why choose Motion Graphics over other Video types?

    At Visualbirds, our creative prowess extends across a spectrum of video production services designed to elevate your brand and captivate your audience. Our Services are

    Converts boring content to interesting

    Imagine a video with text and some graphic components that are static throughout a video. Will you watch it till the end or close the video? Hence, motion graphics makes a lot of transitions with the text, images, graphics, designs and many more visuals transforming the dull and boring content into curious content. This way, the audience stays with the video till the end and we can achieve conveying our message completely.

    Simple, yet, Super

    It involves simple transitions and movements to get the audience attention thus making it elegant to watch. Video producers are very creative such that they try to make a few elements in the video comic. This brings fun and entertains the viewers intermittently.

    More engaging

    When transitions play a dominant role in motion graphics videos, engagement becomes a part and parcel of the outcome. The least outcome that this kind of video can achieve is that get the audience to watch the complete video if not take necessary action later. Thus, even a low-quality motion graphics video can fulfill the basic outcome of making the video ie. complete runtime.

    Can accommodate any element

    As mentioned earlier, these videos can include text, images, graphic designs, illustrations, numbers, statistics, diagrams, charts, etc. All of these elements can be motioned and brought alive on screen.

    Boosts sales and marketing

    Businesses use motion graphics videos to create the brand and product awareness, motivate targetted people to buy their products and services. Also, motion graphics explainer is a great marketing tool to pass on the concept to the users and is most welcomed by the people as it is easy and simple to understand and assimilate the required explanations delivered in the video.

    Best for highlighting

    As highlight videos have to be non-monotonous creating attention to important aspects that requires highlighting, motion graphics video can serve this purpose animating those specific aspects whenever required. By this, the points to be highlighted gets noticed by the audience watching the video.

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