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    Out of the videos we happen to watch in a day, 90% of them must be live action videos. The advertisements, Training/tutoring online MOOC courses, Interviewing snippets, etc are mostly Pure live action videos or either combined with 2D/ 3D animations to make it more attractive.

    Visual Birds featured as one of the best live action video producers in Coimbatore and India presents a simple understanding to live action videos, Live (Shoot) + Action (Involves a humanized act) + Video (Recorded) = Live Action Video

    The wide use of live action videos comes from its realistic nature where real people convey the intended story (the story may be real or unreal based on the concept of the storyline). Thus giving a humanizing feeling to the viewers which can penetrate their minds and in the process influence them.Live action videos are also referred to Corporate videos as corporates highly utilize this kind of video to communicate their actual products, processes, culture, achievements, highlights, etc.​

    Keep In Mind While Choosing A Live Action Video

    • The video production team will have to require input from the business at every step to ensure the video attains the ultimate goal of its making.
    • Only the right artists (talented and capable) on-screen shall convey the intended story
    • Requires value addition like graphics, vocals, and animations to make the video visually impressive
    • The chosen concept should accommodate a perfect script and shoot to achieve the expected visuals on screen


    Lights Camera Action

    Making a live action video involves the usual 3 step process: Pre-production, Production, and Post-production.

    Production Tasks

    Video Recording in the pre-set location with the help of artists.

    Pre - Production Tasks

    Understanding the needs for the video and conceptualizing accordingly arranging the location, cast, physical products or Properties required, wardrobe, stylists and set.


    Music and Sound effects, video editing and added elements (Title, text and animations.)

    Examples Of How A Live Action Video Can Be Used?

    Businesses and Corporates: Sales and marketing video for campaigns, Training modules, Teaching courses
    Games (Video and mobile games): Tutorial videos of how to play, Game demos to attract gamers
    Cookery: Preparing recipes and cooking demonstrations
    Handcrafts: Complete making of crafts, Time-lapse live action videos for time-consuming craftworks
    Showcasing a facility: Walk through the facility, 360D view of the location, Interactive videos to feel the moment
    Product demonstration or Explainer: Product launch, demo, and applications
    Screencasting software and applications: Showing the usage of the software, Methods, and tools to apply

    Things that animations can’t convey

    Animations are a wonderful disruption, yet, it has its own purpose and applications. Not all concepts and stories can be imagined using animation characters. Of course, we need real people to narrate the story and pull people.

    3 Important Reasons To Choose Live Action Videos

    Best suited for Physical products

    When a business adopts live action videos to promote their physical products, it helps the viewer to visualize the product and its features witnessing how the product can be used and benefited. This is how people can relate the situation in the video and start contemplating on whether to buy the product. ​

    Can be budgeted

    Who said live action videos involve much investment and become expensive for a startup, SME to go with this kind of video. Even these can be budgeted and executed using facilities, things like iPhone that is available and pulling colleagues, friends to perform the acting/action instead of professional artists and models, thereby reducing the investment in making a live action video. ​

    Lively and connect emotionally

    People can be highly influenced using live action videos as the message is delivered by people like them (artists, actors, models). The feelings, the act and the mood of the video impact the lives of the viewers emotionally influencing their perceptions and purchase decisions towards the product, business or the advertiser. ​

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