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Our process WordPress Website

Goal Identification

In this stage, we gather requirements and work with the client to determine the goals of the new website.

Scope definition

Here we anticipate the scope of the project and determine the respective requirements and feasibility.


Wireframe creation

Once the scope of the project is clear, we dig into wireframing determining the content and features.

Content creation

This stage includes creating SEO-optimized content with relevance to the context and features of the website.

Visual Elements

Once the sitemap and content are in place, we begin working on the visual, keeping the brand guide in mind.


Once we have created the design and the interface, it is time to perform the website design testing.

Why WordPress Website Development?

Customized design


Content & Graphics

SEO Service

Website Maintenance

Your website is representative of your company or organization's spirit. It should retain the uniqueness of your brand. To ensure the same, it is best to get a customized design that a website design company can create for you.

Here are the benefits of customized website design:

  • It supports and establishes your brand
  • It optimized the customer experience
  • It helps increase SEO optimization
  • It evolves based on business changes
  • It gives better control over website hosting

When it comes to crafting your company's best online identity, nothing can beat the professionalism of an experienced web designing service provider. Amature work often fires back and ruins the website, unable to gauge the challenges beforehand.

Benefits of hiring professional designers:

  • Professionals have more experience
  • Lesser chances of amature mistakes
  • It ensures incorporating the best features
  • It will create a strong impression
  • You can count on its feasibility 

With a professional web designing company comes a talented and skilled team of content writers and graphic artists, which is essential to give your website value and appeal, which attracts traffic and turns them into leads.

Importance of content and graphics:

  • Content makes web designs appealing
  • Content is essential for SEO optimization
  • Content and graphics reflect your brand
  • It keeps your website visitors engaged
  • They help users find what they are searching

It is paramount to amp up your SEO game to survive in this modern age of digital evolution. With a full-house website designing company, you can access SEO services under one roof. Professional web designing services know the right and latest techniques to boost your SEO.

Benefits of SEO services:

  • It helps improve your search engine rankings
  • It gives you a chance to get more leads
  • Increases your reliability to your audience
  • Always assists you with improving your UX
  • You don’t have to pay for organic rankings

You need to continually update and maintain your website to remove obsolete technology or webpages and introduce new, more user-friendly options. For a website to run smoothly on all platforms, browsers, and devices, you need a skilled web designer's service.

Benefits of website maintenance:

  • It ensures security in terms of hosting
  • It optimizes your website’s loading speed
  • You get to install new and fresh features
  • It helps to improve user experience
  • It helps you identify and fix broken links

There are a lot of factors that go into determining the cost of getting a website designed by a professional. These factors include the website’s style, functionality, features, number of pages, etc. On average, it may vary from $1000 to $100,000.

A web design or website designing company is a service provider that shoulders all the website-related responsibilities for its clients. Starting from creating a professional website to keeping it up and running, a web designing company takes care of all your needs while you focus on your business.

Visual Birds is a skilled team of certified professionals who are proficient in website designing. We have delivered many clients with brand new websites that matched or exceeded their expectations. We also emphasize a lot on communication, so you can reach out anytime and have your doubts resolved.

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