How many of us are bombarded with so many videos and snippets a day? Of course, all of us. From watching TV advertisements to movie teasers, everything is videos. Statistics says that one-third of the total online activity of people attributes to watching videos! Here are a few facts about videos,

  • 72 Hours of video​ are uploaded to YouTube every minute a day
  • Video content is being utilized by 87% of internet marketers
  • More than half a billion people are watching video content every day on FB

So, why everyone is running behind videos? Why should a business use video content? 90s kids are different from 2k kids. People have changed and keep on changing themselves aligning to the upcoming trends and technologies.

Today, who has time to read a webpage or a blog? People are interested to watch a 2-min video rather. Importantly, it is easy and reliable to share a video. Just copy-paste the link. It’s Done! Being a pioneer in Video Production Services globally, Visual Birds take immense efforts to understand the businesses and create visual masterpieces that fulfill the narrow needs of the businesses. We help corporates to effectively narrate their business story to the global audience. As an Award-winning India-based video production company, we produce Corporate video/ films, Stop motion, Training & Commercials, Animations, Promos, and many more on the list. With this expertise, we stand as a one-stop video production company offering all video production services customized to your needs.

Animated Explainer Videos

Video productions are classified into Animations, Explainers, Stop motions, Motion graphics, Live action, 2D, 3D, etc., Animated Explainer Videos are the ones that merge the animations and explainer attributes of a video production and helps in explaining a product or a service or a concept or a policy or a technology or a process or anything that you wanted to explain.

Live Action Videos

Out of the videos we happen to watch in a day, 90% of them must be live action videos. The advertisements, Training/tutoring online MOOC courses, Interviewing snippets, etc are mostly Pure live action videos or either combined with 2D/ 3D animations to make it more attractive.

Motion Graphics Videos

When one can’t afford to deploy good artists, vocalists, and stylists and make a live action video, what is the alternate choice? When one can’t spend on full-fledged 3D animation and get an animated video, what is the alternate choice?

Infographics Videos

Infographics are one of the breakthrough discoveries in the last decade and have been put to great use recently by marketers & presenters as it stands to be an efficient marketing tool in conveying the intended message clear and quick. As the name suggests, it gives a visual representation of data or information by combining text, image, graphics, and statistics.

Stop motion Videos

Also called Stop Frame animation is a cinematographic technique that combines static photographs and creates an illusion effect as if a physical object or the subject is moving. This is done by merging one frame with others in a sequence. For this, individual images have to be captured in a series one frame at a time.

Whiteboard Videos

Animations have very well replaced the use of normal video presentations that are frankly boring and laborious. Studies prove that animation is the best way to attract viewers, capture their attention and get the information passed across.