eLearning Audio and Video Production

The Education industry in India has taken leap and bounds since the inception of the modern education system in the 19th century. Padasalas turned to Schools, then. Schools have turned to Online learning now. The emergence of online aka e-learning has become so convenient, affordable and insightful.

With the rapidity in learning amenities and technologies, e-learning has attained an ad-hoc shape that can fit the 21st-century children’s expectations and abilities. Having this importance, e-learning videos and audios are of great use and demand today. With an e-learning platform, you can run your academy or training institute.

Influence Of Audio In E-Learning

  • Increases the engagement of the audience with the learning material (Visuals)
  • Substantiates the message of the visual in a way that is understandable by the audience
  • Used to highlight the important points that have to be made remembered
  • Explains the complex concepts and subjects
  • Aimed at helping visually impaired people to get to know the message
  • Creates attention and excites the audience complimenting the visuals
  • Guides the viewer along with the proper flow of the content and information
  • Brings life to text and other video elements like designs, graphics, etc
  • Increases the effectiveness of learning compared to “without” audio e-learning materials
  • Helps those who want to learn the pronunciation and improve their speaking skills
  • Guides Language learners and teachers in the best way

Why do you need an audio production company


The placement of audio to the right visual point is crucial to ensure proper explanation of the respective visual on-screen. Else, the meaning of a visual varies with the audio narration. Simple audios can be worked on own, but dealing with corporate videos, it is essential to depend on audio production service providers as they have sound technologies to properly match the audio with the video.


Being professional makes sure that the audio production follows the right process from getting the requirement to the audio release. Visual Birds, being a pioneer in e-learning voice over recording and audio production services, can support you with audio over 150 languages using multi-lingual professional vocalists and artists.

Perfect audio pitch

Proper audio should enhance the effectiveness of the visual and not create a distraction to the audience. Hence, the inflection points, peaks & lows, start and the tail etc has to be recorded with utmost care to engage the audience.

Right mix

Good quality audio must be clear, concise, use simple language, includes no noise, perfect accent, background music, proper jargon pronunciation, required pace and speed. Visual Birds has a best-in-class recording studio with updated tools and equipment.

A professional video agency that delivers

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