A Tribute to Every Woman on International Women’s Day

It’s the celebration of she, her and you – it’s the celebration of every women in every society all over the world – it’s March 8, International Women’s day. Women are the strengthening link of a society. They, without even thinking about, leave a mark in world. Every simple woman makes a difference. She can be an accomplishing career woman, an ardent woman devoted to her family, a quintessential problem-solver, an amazing mother, inspiring teacher – a women dons all of these or many of these roles in her life. They are the shining power of our society. They are the epitome of strength and courage. They are the guiding powers who help fulfilling other’s dreams. It is important to cherish their capabilities, identify their struggles, fight for their rights and honour them for just being women.

Celebrating Women’s day is a way to acknowledge the power and importance of women in our lives. We are convinced that consolidating the role of women in all areas of the society is very important to achieve development of a nation as a whole. Women’s empowerment is an obligation for the development of a country. It is the driving force behind transformation as well as achievement of gender equality.

Women play equal part in all fields, helping us to move forward. Every year, women are breaking new ground in field and are closing the disreputable gender gap, albeit slowly. However, women are still underrepresented and often have unequal access to resources, education and income. They also have less participation in decision-making in most areas of importance. They are also forced to play a diminished role in the positions of power and influence. More importantly, the violence faced by women has been escalating to alarming proportion and that has become one of the most tangible concerns of the planet as a whole. It is indispensable rather than important to end all the manifestations of violence and discrimination against women. This is, perhaps, the first step towards equality.

Women’s day is a reminder of the importance of women and the fight to end the discriminations against them. We mark this day by celebrating their achievements, struggles and goals – that make all our lives better. This Women’s day, we should salute the struggles and honour the achievements of the women of our lives. In accordance with the theme of this year’s Women’s day – make it happen: encouraging effective action for advancing and recognizing women, Visual Birds team has dedicated an animated video for every woman who touches our life with love, knowledge, inspiration, respect and devotion.

We Wish You All a Very Happy Women’s Day. Cheers to the power of Women!

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