Animated Explainer Videos vs Other Video Productions

Video productions are classified into Animations, Explainers, Stop motions, Motion graphics, Live action, 2D, 3D, etc., Animated Explainer Videos are the ones that merge the animations and explainer attributes of a video production and helps in explaining a product or a service or a concept or a policy or a technology or a process or anything that you wanted to explain.

Without animations, an explainer video will become boredom and makes the audience to move on. It is the function of animation to make the video lively, interesting and gets audience attention throughout the run time of the video.

Where can Animated Explainer Videos be used?

  • Video Types: ​Creating Brand awareness, Sales of products and services, Product features, demo and applications, Explainer to any concept/idea that requires an explanation
  • Best suited Sectors:​Software (specifications and usability), Medical (Process, working, and demo), Retail (Products and services), Corporate (Training and sales), Event/media, Promotional marketing.
  • Social Media: ​Video platforms mainly Youtube, Vimeo and other social channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.
  • Marketing materials: ​Presentations, Email, Website, Landing pages, Training, Ads, FAQ, Social media

Common mistakes to avoid while using Animated Explainer Videos?

  • The objective of an Animated Explainer Video can be engagement, conversion, awareness, attention-grabbing, etc. The video has to convey the message according to the objective mutually agreed between the client and the video production team
  • Making an animated video for an ad varies from the video produced for an engagement campaign. So, understand the expected outcome first and then execute.
  • The very purpose of an explainer video is to communicate and induce the audience to take a specific action. Ensuring clear communication is thus instrumental. Avoid indirect methods of conveying what has to be communicated.

No 1 Animated Explainer Video Production Company

Visual Birds have been the most trusted and liked Video Production Company across India, USA, and the UK. The clientele from these regions recognizes our quality of videos produced and believes that we always give them the best and what they exactly wanted from Animated Explainer and Promo Videos.

The animated explainer videos produced by our team of expert directors deliver the required results efficiently and effectively thereby reducing the burden on the clients in terms of cost, time and effort. Here are some of the characteristics that we exhibit in our video productions:,

Bringing videos to life

We strive to make the videos cheerful and lively pepping up the viewers to watch the video till the end and provoke them to take a specific action.

Driving curiosity

Studies show that viewers have to be impressed within the first 10-20 seconds of the video and this can be achieved by making the video conversational and insightful.

Research and Insights

Visual Birds do employ market researchers to get insights on the latest video trends, technologies, and marketing opportunities. This will aid in the background video production to all of our clients and give them the best video.

A succinct way of delivering the message

Within 1-2 mins, delivering a strong and lasting message in the minds of the viewers requires expertise to keep it short, explicit and captivating

Exclusive experts

Our video production team consists of exclusive veterans from respective domains viz. Video strategist, Vocalists, Video director, Cast professional, Modelling specialist, Animation artists, and Marketing consultant


Each client shall have different requirements and each requirement can accommodate different video types. We analyze their objectives in deep and beta test the strategies initially to avoid the upcoming challenges. Hence, the final video produced is optimized and best matches the needs of our client.

Emotionally powerful

It is the duty of the marketer to connect the business with the potential customers emotionally so as to get the converted into leads or customers.

Compliment strategies

With the help of our consulting team (Strategists, Consultants, and Specialists), we support our clients with different ideas and help them sort what they need out of the animated explainer video.

Unlimited revisions

We support our clients with unlimited revisions i.e. unlimited video cuts unlike other video production agencies as we are confident about satisfying our clients in the 1st few revisions.<br /> Also, the turnaround time is customized to the needs of the client and handled in a timely manner.