Process Of Animated Explainer Videos

Yes, it’s as simple as it gets. Visual Birds, we have a team of experts that are used to working round the clock to churn out creative, unique and amazing content as quickly as possible! So whether you have an urgent deadline or need something done with utmost perfection and finesse, we at Visual Birds are the masters of the art.

Share Your Project Requirements
Whether you need a animated video made, a shot based live video done, a small social media video created – just call us and share your ideas, requirements and project details. We will not only listen to your ideas and build on them, but also give you suggestions and advice on how to make the final copy all phenomenal and fun!

Copy Writing & Creative Visualization
Once we get on board and start rolling, there is no end to the creative juices flowing! We will get on task with our writers, editors, storyboard experts and graphic designers, taking care of everything from punchy taglines to the right brilliance and contrast of professional brand imagery and useful, engaging content.

Execution Of Ideas
Dreaming up riveting catch phrases, painting powerful design elements and capturing awesome footage executing nothing less than the very best for our clients in animated, live, whiteboard and 3D videos is our favorite part of the day. We deliver quality and unmatched precision on schedule and make sure it’s perfect the first time around!

Review And Revise
Need something changed? Want a few lines added? Not to worry and never fret – we offer unlimited revisions until you are completely happy and satisfied with the design, development and execution.

Time To Go Viral!
Unleash the creative warfare of your video content and get all the rage in the market! All that – and more – is possible, with our complete suite of creative services.