Yes, Videos are attention grabbers. Yes, Video marketing gives more visits and conversions to your webpage. Still, often businesses end up scratching their video marketing plans once it fails. It is because of the misled ideas and strategies that don’t match up with the objectives of the marketing campaign.

What matters the most?

Visual Birds consists of a team of video marketing industry veterans who can help businesses get answers to the innumerable questions that arise whilst planning for a video marketing campaign.

Check which strategy matters to you?

What is the goal of the video marketing campaign?

Website visits, Purchases, Subscribing to newsletters, contributing to a forum, Participating in a survey

What kind of video framework is required?

Whiteboard, Animation, Stop motion, Live action, Infographic, Motion Graphics, Explainer, Highlights, Process videos and lot more

What is the process of the video marketing project?

Content, Creative strategy/planning, the shoot, Production management, editing (1st and 2nd cut), the finished content,

How many reviews are needed?

1st cut to 3rd cut to finished video

What kind of audience is the business going to target

New/ potential customers, Retained/ existing customers

Which part of the video is going to be emphasized?

Nose, Body, or Tail

Is Production management outsourced or undertaken?

Location of the shoot, models/makeup, Script, Lighting, etc

What are the mediums chosen for video marketing?

Social media, Theatre, Display networks, YT channels