So how are you as an Entrepreneur, Individual or SME/MSME, selling products and services going to reach your potential customers online? C’mon, please don’t say you aren’t having an online presence. You are in a rapidly expanding digital world, so if you are not online yet, then please shut this window and create one.

Studies reveal that the first 5 results on page 1 of Google account to 67.60% of the total searches. Now it is the right time for you to check where your page/website is indexed on Google. If you’re ranked lower/not ranked, then you have landed on the right page of Visual Birds: SEO. Yes, we will help you improve your website ranking in search results.

Surprising Stats (facts) about SEO

As of January 2019, there have been 1,518,207,412 websites in the world.
Roughly there are about 3.6+ billion Internet users today.
Google trends show statistics of more than 63,000 searches per second on its search engine every day.

Why Visual Birds for SEO?

Visual birds is a digital marketing firm specialized and known for its outstanding Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services helping businesses like yours, to achieve a strong and notable online presence making you outstand millions of other pages indexed on search engines.

We define SEO: Search Engine Optimization as a “Science and art of imparting a strong online foundation to build organic digital presence”. We call it a “Science” because we see a lot of
elements and factors that influence the results of an SEO both positively and negatively. And, we call it an “Art” because we implement the SEO guidelines with the utmost creativity and quality content to shape the online reputation of a business.

Thus, we boast ourselves as No.1 SEO service provider in India offering phenomenal transformation results from before SEO to after SEO.

Bouquet of SEO services from Visual Birds

Our SEO services extend to,

Free SEO audit

We offer an SEO audit to our new clients and help them understand the strength of their online presence.

Web/app optimization

Making the website and mobile application responsive and optimized for higher ranking.

SEO competitor analysis

We take it on our head to collect and compare your competitor’s SEO stand and identify strategies, areas of improvement, strengths, and weaknesses

On-page SEO

Correct and Improve the HTML (coding), architecture and the relevant content of the website and make it give a green signal to SEO.

Balanced website

Complimenting the Website will be the coding, architecture, UI, UX.

Website listing, maintenance, mapping

Routine yet essential to-do’s concerned with website handling from listing to maintenance to indexing higher on Page 1 of Google.

Off-page SEO

Building a robust off-page presence via Building links, Social Media, Audience engagement, Blogging, Social bookmarking, etc.

Content marketing

Inbound/content marketing to engage your audience and promote the products/ services.

Keyword research and best practices

Our keyword list enable businesses to reach more people with minimized budget limit and gain a competitive advantage in authority and ranking.