Visual Birds is a premier PR agency in Coimbatore demonstrating impactful outcomes in public relations, and brand building. The team at Visual Birds are well versed having graduated in Journalism, Literature and Legal writing domains and are experienced in versatile fields like Food, Fashion, Eduction, Startups, Technology, Services and serveral other areas which we have not exposed to. This makes it the strong PR team with more than enough knowledge and expertise to take up PR services for any clients in any sector with no or grwowing brand equity.

Evolution of Digital PR

Digital PR has evolved amalgamating the crux of traditional PR menthod (Newspaper,Magazines) with modern internet marketing (Content/ Social media marketing) approaches.The resulted Digital PR technique seemed much stronger and possesses the maximum benefits when compared to adopting individual PR methods. This powerful strategy of building brand awareness and visibility has taken leaps and bounds today and has become one of the crucial element when coming to Online or Internet marketing. It helps in Content promotion, Digital press, and news release majorly with less investment and reaching more people.

Our formula to Digital PR

Traditional PR + Internet Marketing = Digital PR
Trust + Conversion + Credibility = Digital PR
Press hits ​​ Digital PR
Citations ​∝ ​Digital PR
Back links ​ ​Digital PR
Organic Digital PR ​​ Authority/ Ranking ​∝​Green signal to SEO

Good practices of Digital PR by Visual Birds

Running targetted PR campaigns

Running campaigns to specific, targetted, relevant, interested audience who will benefit from the PR release and willing to share it to a similar audience in their network

Publishing a series of online press releases

Instead of releasing the whole lot of content at one go, we help clients release a series of content that increases the number of backlinks and also creates brand awarenes

Expand online press coverage

Covering as many digital PR sites as possible to build reputation and gain organic traffic to the site

Ensuring good PR hit consistently

Directing the readers to the right page at the 1st redirection enables them to trust the site and content published in the site

Focus on Organic PR than paid PR

Organic backlinking promotes the page and increases the authority whereas paid PR may lead to huge traffic but irrelevant audience thus decreasing the credibility

Building relationships with online journalists and bloggers

Building rapport by networking with journalists, writers, bloggers, influencers, industry experts, community groups

Organizing online reviews and interviews

Another way of creating interaction among the online audience and helps to influence people by consistent engagement

Building Interactive PR

Drafting PR with interactive content is instrumental in engaging the audience who visits to read the PR.

Exploit affiliate marketing to boost the results of Digital PR

Best using the affiliate options available in the online space to publish our content in their forums and showcasing to their captivated audience

Measuring PR and continuous improvement

Adopting Google referral/URL builder tools to track the performance of the PR articles and study the heat map to further modify or retain the existing strategy